Terramagna Intervinos

Terramagna now available at Intervinos

Our passion is to work every day taking care of our vineyards and experimenting with the wines to obtain a unique flavor. But something that also makes us very excited, is to search and find the best partners so that you can order our wines online in a simple and comfortable way.

That is why we are very happy to announce our collaboration with Intervinos, one of the leading direct sales portals of wine. You can now take a look at the Terramagna brands and the collection packs available on their website: https://intervinos.com/categoria-producto/bodegas/grupo-terramagna/

If it is the first time you try Terramagna wines and do not know what to start with, we recommend some essentials that you can find on Intervinos: CT En Clave de DO, CT Cortijo Trifillas, Isabel Peralta, Neton, LCA, Rayen y The Woods Of Tilo.

Among the brands mentioned you can discover different types: red, white and sparkling; aged in oak and young wines; monastrell, garnacha tintorera, verdejo and sauvignon, among others. But above all, what you will find in each wine is a calm and traditional elaboration, designed to be enjoyed sip by sip.

Chin Chin!