Challenge International du Vin Award for Rayen

Rayen is the feminine name of flowers and the name of this brand that was born as a tribute to all the plants and flowers that we can find around our winery. A wide range of wines that represent the explosion of colors and aromas that these flowers offer us, with two varieties that have been recognized by Challenge International du Vin awards: Rayen Tempranillo and Rayen Monsatrell.

The grapes used in the elaboration of these wines are harvested at night and early in the morning in a manual and careful process that guarantees the selection and care of the best fruits.

Rayen Tempranillo is a young wine with a very intense purple hue, mixed with the bluish tones of its youth and vitality. With standing out shades of red fruits and berries, which leave a persistent aftertaste of these flavors and make it ideal to accompany snacks or light meals.

Rayen Monastrell has a more purplish color and aromas of black fruit, cloves, vanilla and spices. On the palate it is tasty and fresh, with a very well balanced acidity and a pleasant floral sensation. Unlike the previous wine, this one is perfect to accompany more sophisticated meals such as meat, stews or rice.


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