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Terramagna wines available now on Catatu

We start the week with news. From today you can find a selection of Terramagna wines on the Catatu direct sales portal:
If you still do not know us and want to try different wines, we leave you some recommendations below:


If you are looking for…

  • Aged in oak, deep wine, with a taste of ripe fruit and spicy notes. Then we speak of CT en Clave DO. Available in three varieties:
    CT En clave de DO Garnacha. Tasty and with a slight final acidity.
    CT En clave de DO Monastrell & Syrah. Round and fleshy. Fresh and, at the same time, fatty and sweet.
    CT En clave de DO Monastrell. Full of harmony. Soft and velvety.
  • Aged in oak, strong and silky wine. The right choice would be Neton Garnacha Tintorera. Fresh and at the same time deep, with hints of red and black fruits.
  • Aged in oak, with a good body and a sweet entry. The elegant balance of soft toasted and spicy aromas. Without doubt, the choice is: Ciro Black Edition.
  • Aged in oak wine, full of personality and nuances. A sure hit is Isabel Peralta. In its two varieties of red wine:
    Isabel Peralta Garnacha Tintorera. Silky and powerful. Voluminous and persistent on the palate. The most personal interpretation of Garnacha Tintorera.
    Isabel Peralta Monastrell. Silky and balanced. With a pleasant and ripe tannin. The most personal interpretation of Monastrell.
  • Aged in oak wine, with a good body and several medals and the Best Wine of Castilla award by Mundus Vini: the award-winning LCA.
  • Aged in oak, velvety and structured. With aroma of ripe fruit and traces of green pepper. Your choice is The Woods of Tilo Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Young and intense. With aromas of fruit and spring universe. Don’t hesitate to try Rayen. In its Garnacha Tintorera version with a more concentrated taste: Rayen Garnacha Tintorera. Or in its most floral and fresh version: Rayen Monastrell.


  • Aged in oak, with power and elegance without losing softness. Fresh on the palate. This is Isabel Peralta Viognier.


If you are looking for…